Free Write Friday: Each Friday I’ll post an Instagram photo and a short piece based on a free write inspired by that photo. Consider using the photo as a prompt for your own free write and link back to the post. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Creative Nonfiction: A source for excellent nonfiction essays and resource for online courses in the genre.

Brevity: An online journal dedicated to short form essays.

River Teeth: A creative nonfiction journal.

Hippocampus: A creative nonfiction online publication. 

Richard Hugo House: A Seattle gathering place for writers.

Life in 10 Minutes: Valley Haggard’s website, class and soon-to-be anthology that celebrates short form prose.

Kate Hopper: Kate’s book “Use Your Words” and online class for mother writers helps get to the heart of your story as a mother.

Waverly Fitzgerald: I took an online boot camp writing course from Waverly and she is a thoughtful and encouraging writing coach with expertise about various publishing formats.

Anne Liu Kellor: Anne’s writing workshops and classes are not to be missed. Her “Writing Your Birth Story” and Flash Nonfiction classes propelled me back into writing.